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STRENGTH Technology Center

Founded in 1970, STRENGTH GROUP is a company with more than 50 years of technology accumulation and cultural precipitation. We have always adhered to user-oriented, striving to realize equipment digitization, automation and intelligence, adhere to reform and innovation, and we deepen in the fields of medical, hygiene and smart applications, from "Made in China" to "Intelligent manufacturing in China", we will not forget our original intention and move forward firmly in the torrent of history.

Quality Control

Manufacturing Capacity

1. Covering an area of 400,000+ square meters, 1,000+ employees, a modern factory with 6S management.

2. Complete machine manufacturing parts supply chain to ensure timely suppl of parts and ensure the delivery capacity of the whole machine quality control ability.

Material Guarantee

1. Purchase international standard large steel mill raw materials.

2. Use international and domestic first-line brand core electronic components.

3. Quality inspection of all accessories

Precision Guarantee

1. Precision parts are all from high-precision CNC Machining Center-DMG CNC,

2. Germany processing guarantee: Italian FIDIA gantry five-ax is high-speed milling and Fluid polishing technology

3. Welding flaw detection test, to ensure the workpiece Ultra-high fatigue strength

Quality Management Guarantee

In line with ISO quality management system