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Think Global, Act LocalThriving in a New Era of Globalization
Smart Globalization in Nonwoven and Hygiene Production Lines
The core of business globalization for a global and sustainable enterprise is the tradeoff between global integration and local responsiveness. Therefore, we come up with the value proposition of “think global, act local”, and “intelligent manufacturing empowering the world”. As proposed above, we have been dedicated to research and development, manufacturing process, and excellent service for world-wide customers, achieving the integration of digitization, high automation with traditional manufacturing. In the SUNTECH globalization, we have focused on global agency networks, local service & support, and world-wide customers.
think global, act local
Global Agency Networks
Being a professional and global enterprise, we possess global agency networks with high loyalty, long-term partnership, and extensive coverage, successfully achieving the international expansion of sales channels and the infiltration of global markets. The existence of our global agency networks makes us well prepared to provide end-to-end customer experience at any time, providing convenience for you as follows:
Pre-sale Inquiries
Regarding your business requirements in local markets.
Timely Tracking
Including machinery shipment, installation, adjustment, etc.
Field Visit
To clearly know about your business and provide specific solutions.
After-sales Service
Timely responding and addressing basic machinery failures.
Our Agency Networks Have Covered Many Countries in Global Areas.
Local Service & Support
Being a customer-oriented and responsible enterprise, we offer local service and support to global customers, providing you with timely, borderless and effective service, professional experience and actual case support, empowering you to become a reliable and sought-after supplier in the market.
Onsite Service
Arranging our local agency helps you to check and address basic failures.
Our technical engineers offer onsite service to address complex failures, staff training, equipment adjustment, etc.
Onsite Service
We provide remote service for you, timely responding and solving any problems you may face while the machine is running.
Smart application equipment support engineers to offer a visual assistance.
Our agent Arief in Indonesia, is introducing our Spunbond Production Lines to the customer.
Our local service and support rely on these reliable agents in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, etc., which ensures timely and locally contact with customers and improves customer experience during the entire cooperation process.
To ensure timely and locally contact with customers and improve customer experience during the entire cooperation process,SUNTECH has been expanding our agency networks in more global areas, and welcome to visit us and hold business talks with us.
World-wide Customers
Being a world-wide brand with decades of experience in Nonwoven Production Lines, we have successfully made long-term cooperation with a great number of customers from all over the world. We have acquired a great reputation among our customers worldwide through our advanced technology, premium quality, excellent service and professional support. Meanwhile, you will know more about SUNTECH through our world-wide customers as follows:
Multiple market infiltration in global area with long-term and reliable cooperation with customers.
Brand trust and high evaluation from customers.
Timely and effective customer feedback.
Constantly excellent reputation and high evaluations from our global customers.
California, AMERICA
Hello Miss Lauren,
The five machines are running good. They are running 24 hours, very stable and high output. Just small adjustment depending on different raw materials. Thank you for asking.
Barcarena, Portugal
Hi Leaf,
Sorry for the late reply. Yes, everything is ok and we are very happy with the machine running. Will send you detail info about the spare parts we need to order later today. Regarding the second machine what is the current December price?
Hello Lauren,
This is great news! Thanks you for getting these machines ready for us in such a speedy time frame. I just flipped through the videos and the machines look great and function beautifully. We look forward to incorporating these machines in our production schedule real soon! Thank you for the great service Lauren and team! Enjoy the rest of your day!
Warm Regards