How Many People Would I Need to Hire?

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How Many People Would I Need to Hire?

A small "family garage" diaper machine can only be used by two people; However, they will complete a complete 8-hour shift diaper making in less than 10 minutes, rather than a typical machine. Now imagine these monsters stepping on it. Your market and you need to compete with them! If you are considering using a larger machine, such as 300-600 diapers per minute or more, you will need a small team to ensure that the equipment works around the clock. One of the most important factors affecting the quantity of diaper production line operators is the quantity of packaging and the intended use of automatic or manual packaging equipment. The diaper machine requires at least one operator and assistant to assist in batching. In addition, at least one packaging machine is required to produce 10 to 12 bags per minute. For example, if you want a bag of 20 pieces e, if your machine is manually packed at the speed of 400 diapers per minute, you may need two people to bag and seal the diapers, but if you use six bags, you need six people. You need to ensure that the machine is equipped with two discharge funnels, otherwise such a small quantity cannot work due to the limitation of mechanical cycle. On the other hand, if you intend to make a very large count (more than 25 per pile), please be sure to buy a horizontal stacker, otherwise you will not be able to process the stacking output due to instability. You also need a person to put the bag into the box for sealing, or an automatic sealing machine. Depending on the number of bags in the box, you may need two people to do this. You should consider hiring additional staff so that you can work continuously. Open during lunch break. A typical manual packing machine requires about 8 people per shift; If you use automatic packaging, you may only need about four or five shifts. You need to multiply these numbers by the number of classes you want to run. Running 30 days a month, you need at least four shifts to run the machine on weekends and holidays. All these people are lining up to work directly; You need more people to manage the laboratory, diaper inspection, spare parts room, instruments and meters, finished product warehouse, raw material warehouse, and all the engineering infrastructure required to operate an efficient factory. A typical diaper factory, one diaper machine per minute, 300-600 diapers per minute, three shifts per week (full load), manual packaging, 20 diapers per minute r bag, It takes about 50 people. Unfortunately, running a diaper factory is not as easy as pressing a button.

What is the size of the building to accommodate a layer factory? Well, it depends on the required diaper output and the size of the machine you are considering buying. As you might guess, a "family garage" diaper machine will fit your own garage. You just have to park your car elsewhere on the street. Before you move your car, first carefully consider whether it is suitable for your market. If a large company already sells their brand in your field, this may not be the right choice, especially if they have a large market share—for example, a market penetration rate of 40% or higher may mean your Home garage machines will not succeed.

Let's say you are looking for a larger diaper machine, 200 to 600 diapers per minute. This typical diaper machine is expected to have the diaper production line length in the range of 20 to 50 meters including packaging equipment (60 to 150 meters). There are several problems That will affect the overall length of the baby diaper machine, such as what you want the diaper to have and whether you have all the devices installed in a straight line. An alternative is to have some machine modules at a 90 degree angle or on the second This option allows you to reduce the overall length but increase the width or height of the machine. When the machine is in a straight line To be installed, you may need an area 30 to 60 meters long and 8 meters wide If you want to install several modules at a 90 degree angle, you can reduce the overall length to about 2/3 of the original size, but the width must be increased from 8 to 10 or 11 meters

We have only discussed the space requirements of the diaper machine itself; there are other areas that take up a lot of space, the warehouse of raw materials and finished products must be designed according to the expected inventory (in terms of production days), for example, if you are only planning to have one Owning a medium sized diaper machine your warehouse can only be 1000 square meters; however, you will be limited to less than a week of supplies. In some places it can work on time, especially if the supplier has his own inventory close by, in which case it is possible to work with less than a week of inventory of raw materials. Since complex logistics or customs regulations slow down the delivery of raw materials from remote locations, other locations may require up to a monthly inventory. Another important factor to consider is the frequency of diaper change ; The more finished product inventory, the lower the Frequency of machine downtime due to size changes; on the other hand, the demand for working capital can increase sharply; all diaper companies need to be aware of operational capital requirements; some of them may be subsidized by raw material suppliers (as an interest-free loan); for a new business that has no business reference starting from scratch, however, the supplier is unlikely to trust them, at least initially, so depending on your specific financial situation, you will need to find the costs and benefits to determine the optimal size of the warehouse. Finally, you will also need the office, parts room, Take into account the quality control laboratory, the training room, the truck operation and the room for peripheral devices (dryer, compressor, vacuum cleaner, garbage collector, machine shop, etc.).

You can try rediscovering the wheels or using other people with rich field experience to help you plan your layout. If you are looking for professional help we invite you to consider our Diane Consulting service. The most important is it's for free!

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