How to open a diaper manufacturing factory?

First, before investing in a diaper manufacturing plant, a comprehensive market analysis should be conducted to understand the overall demand for diapers and market saturation, the distribution pattern of diapers supply, which countries have greater demand potential, and the distribution of competitors Wait.

Through the analysis of the overall demand for diapers and market saturation, it can be judged whether there are still market gaps. If you invest in the diaper production line, how big is the expected market space, and then consider how to occupy these market spaces.

Analyzing the world pattern of diaper needs and the demand potential of each country, we can determine which country is our main customer, and then conduct research and analysis on customer groups to understand their demand characteristics and preferences, so as to determine the performance and price of diaper Positioning, analyze how the design and functional characteristics of diapers are more suitable for customers, how to make prices easier to enter the customer market, and what marketing methods should be adopted.

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of competitors to better extract the essence and remove the dross. It is necessary to see the strengths of competitors and adopt and integrate them into product design and production. Targeting the shortcomings of competitors that do not meet the needs of users, make substantial improvements in products. Improve and upgrade to win the hearts of customers and gradually expand their market share.


Secondly, we must be psychologically prepared for large-scale investment. Once we decide to invest, we must do our best in the production line, and we must not worry about gains or losses. Clearly locate the customer audience and route of the product.

If the market for high-end diapers is relatively blank, a high-end route should be created and product pricing should be increased. Correspondingly, high-end diapers manufacturing equipment should be invested. Don't hesitate on temporary costs, pursue product quality, and appropriately increase quality management and service. And marketing costs. If the product is positioned as ordinary diapers, creating a friendly route and increasing the price advantage of diapers, it is necessary to invest in diapers with high-quality, fast, and efficient diapers to reduce labor costs and increase production. Reduce the unit cost of diapers.


Investing in the diaper production line, Suntech currently provides smart diaper production line solutions, the total investment is about 3 to 5 million, the equipment required for the production line is roughly as follows:

Automatic baby pull-up pants production line

(1) Functions and features:
1. Touch screen control, providing man-machine interface and graphical control;
2. Servo analog control;
3. High-performance tooth-type pulverizer;
4. The cotton core net wheel is demoulded and formed;
5. Quantitative application of polymer and automatic feeding;
6. The waistband is synthesized by a three-roller heat-sealing device;
7. Active raw material uncoiling, constant tension control and automatic material change;
8. Material cut and lack of material detection alarm, refueling joint waste rejection, stain detection, iron quality detection;
9. Non-stop phase adjustment;
10. The rotating tool holder adopts a column structure;
11. Automatic rubber band changing and splicing system
12. Positioning sticker function
13. Curved leg elastic application mechanism
14. Products are automatically counted and bagged.

diapers machine

Suntech ST-ADMM diaper machine

(2) Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: three-phase, 380V 50Hz;
2. Total power: 320Kw;
3. Qualification rate: ≥98%;
4. Design speed: 300 pieces/min;
5. Production speed: 250 pieces/min;
6. Dimensions (m): 46 × 10 × 4.5 (length × width × height; including stacker)

Diaper production

(3) Main structural devices:
1. Crushing device:
2. Negative pressure suction device;
3. Demoulding forming device;
4. Polymer application device;
5. Toilet paper wrapping device;
6. Cotton core compaction device;
7. Cotton core cutting device;
8. Core cutting device;
9. Core steering device;
10. Elastic unwinding device;
11. Grooming layer application device;
12. Anti-side leakage standing enclosure embossing device;
13. Trouser waist synthesis device;
14. Product Folding Device
15. Discard the sticker applying device;
16. Finished product cutting device;
17. Finished product folding device;
18. Waste rejection device;
19. Safety protection door;
20. Dust removal and noise reduction system;
21. Elastic point breaking device;
22. Color picture sticker applying device;
23. Stacker.

Diapers production process

At present, Suntech takes "Let the world fall in love with Made in China" as its purpose, and strives to build the "Made in China" brand. With 50 years of equipment production experience and technology precipitation, Suntech carefully designs and manufactures intelligent and innovative diaper machines, accepts equipment customization and diversification. To meet customers' main and auxiliary machine configuration and assembly process customization needs, there are already more than 4,500 customers and 10,000 machine installation cases around the world, with excellent reputation and high return rate.

cable looming machine
looms for weaving cloth

Diapers machine

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