Why use diapers? How to build a production line?

Diapers must be changed when they become wet or soiled, which is usually done by a second party such as a parent or caregiver. When a baby may engage in long-term activities while remaining flexible and relaxed, as well as sleep through the night, it benefits their growth and long-term physical and mental health. Diapers today are not only highly practical, but they also have innovative features such as gender and age-specific sizing and coloring, as well as color change indications to indicate when the diaper needs to be changed. Reattach able Velcro TM-type closures and color-changing indications to indicate when the child is wet.

Benefits of Using Baby Diaper

Modern diapers have now become the diaper of choice for over 95 percent of parents in industrialized economies. They were originally marketed for use on trips, vacations, and in temporary circumstances. Diapers can be adjusted five or more times a day for babies. In a specialized diaper bag, parents and other primary child care providers also bring extra diapers and other diaper-changing needs. Parent and child can find diapering to be a good bonding experience. Since faeces contains urease, which catalyses the conversion of urea in urine to ammonia, which can irritate the skin and cause painful redness, children who wear diapers can experience skin irritation, generally referred to as diaper rash, as a result of constant contact with faeces.(try Suntech diapers machine)

Manufacturing Process

Baby diapers are manufactured from common materials and have a long history of being used safely in a number of consumer goods. A typical diaper weighs about 1.4 and 1.8 ounces and is made mostly of cellulose, polypropylene, polyethylene, and a super absorbent polymer, with small quantities of tapes, elastics, and adhesive materials thrown in for good measure. Diapers have become lighter, thinner, and more effective thanks to advancements in both of these products, all while having a lower environmental impact. Diaper manufacturing produces few by-products; in reality, the diaper industry relies on by-products from other industries. The absorbent polymers used in diaper manufacturing are frequently leftovers from other chemical industries' production lines. Although the polymer particles are too small for other uses, they are ideal for diapers. However, a significant amount of nonwoven material and polymer particles are discarded in the diaper manufacturing process. To reduce waste, the diaper industry aims to maximize the amount of diapers generated per square yard (metre) of material.

Product Application

The waistband is made of thermal bonding device;Raw material uncoiling, constant tension control and automatic material changing and receiving;Detection and alarm of material failure and material shortage, scrap removal of refueling joint.Baby pull up diaper manufacturing machine is equipped with tension uncoiling system, constant tension control and material storage mechanism, material deviation correction system.This constant tension system of Training pants huggies diapers production line ensures stable feeding at full speed, minimizes impact on material tension and reduces downtime.The machine adopts the whole servo drive digital number change, convenient and fast, synchronous belt, flat belt are imported, key parts are imported bearings.The surface layer is composed of two sides of non-woven fabric and the vertical edge formed by elastic and the intermediate fabric by pressing or composition.Non - woven fabric cutting device using motor cutting.

Main Structural device
1.Pulverizing device;
2.SAP applying device;
3.Drum forming device;
4.Tissue paper wrapping device;
5.Core compacting device;
6.Acquisition layer splitting device;
7.Inner cutting device;
8.Elastic waist applying device;
9.Protective cuff laminating device;
10.Elastic waist applying device;
11.Spandex splitting device;
12.Pinch roll transmit device;
13.Outer cutting device;
14.Waist laminating device;
15.Safty doors;
16.Waste rejecting device;
17.Output & transmit device.

Main Function Features

1: Core layer structure: big cotton core adopts alien continuous stripping to shape and small cotton core adopts direct buckle the forming. Big cotton core and small cotton core are pressed solid after wrapping by tissues.
2. Acquisition layer slitting adopts scraping. (Scraping length is controlled by servo motors.)
3. Top sheets are composed of side nonwovens with elastic and middle materials, compressed by embossing units.
4. Nonwoven sectioning units adopts motor sectioning mode.
5. Tightness of elastic is adjusted by double roller linear velocity controlled by frequency conversion.
6. Roll material and tube material are compatible for elastic feeding.
7. Cotton core cutting and final product cutting adopt side blade scraping.
8. Color calibration of former icon straight cut adding unit.
9. Waist combination adopts heat seal.
10. Detailed shape, structure, sizes of products is confirmed according to the finalized products by both parties.

Why Choose Us?

1.Profession design
Our factory has in machinery industrial for 50years, improve and innovate technology from Japan and Italy all the time.

All the spare parts used according to the contract, original German & Japan & Italy & USA brand.

CNC processing, special surface processing, anti-glue processing.

We will sign a letter of commitment while we sign the contract, which will improve your confidence to us.

5.Excellent After-sale Service
1. When machine arrive your workshop, we will send technician to your workshop installing, testing the machine and training your workers.
2. If you need one Chinese technician work for you, we can help you find one work for you.
3.Provides a 12-month warranty for the baby diaper machine

Suntech manufactures intelligent diapers machine according to the standard of "Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing", which effectively improves the production speed, output and quality of diapers, and facilitates the production of diapers. Welcome to inquire in detail.

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